the new york times discovers women bloggers

Because I am feeling less than 100% after an afternoon and night of carousing, I am going to turn to some, er, outside sources for help with content creation (and, in this, I am no different than pretty much any agency these days…).

First up, my attorney friend from Connecticut, who takes time out of depositions and briefs and Sam Waterston-style lawyer stuff to comment on advertising from time to time, who was a bit disappointed in yesterday’s New York Times article about big companies flocking to run ads on homemakers’ blogs:

I am not entirely sure why the tone of the article is bordering on utter shock and amazement that lady-types know how to use (and access) computers to the extent that they can create blogs and other analogous lady-type-only content. What does the Times think that women do all day? Sit in obedient silence? Churn butter? Toil away at the spinning wheel? Seriously, was this article written in 1915?

Upon reading further, however, it got better….

— “I love women. Women are more than half the population, and they do most of the shopping,” said Tim Draper, the venture firm’s co-founder and managing director. —

(Draper went on to say that “Women also have pretty eyes, and their hair smells like cinnamon.”)

— Joni Evans, a literary agent who found a second career as chief executive of wowOwow, a site for women over 40, said the gender disparity comes from the fact that women thrive on sharing anecdotes. —

(They THRIVE on it? Really? Just imagine if Aesop was a lady. Dude would have lived til he was like 400 years old with all of that thriving.)

— At CafeMom, for instance, Wal-Mart Stores offered gift certificates to bloggers who write about Wal-Mart’s green products in exchange for writing about what they bought. —

(… I was really struggling with my postpartum depression this morning…… until I gloomily stumbled into my local Wal-Mart and saw the amazing 3-for-1 deal on tube socks they were running and then I decided not to off my kids after all)

— Shine from Yahoo initially vowed to cover current events and avoid the typical fare of sex and diet tips. But the most popular stories on a recent day were about racy photos of the teenage star Miley Cyrus and whether women were attracted to men with beards. —

(Men with beards?? Oh, women. You are adorable.)

— When Ms. Armstrong used a lewd phrase in the subtitle of her blog, two family entertainment companies removed their ad campaigns from her site. “I thought that was awesome,” Ms. Armstrong said. “I knew an advertiser would pull out, but I think advertisers are beginning to understand that people come to my Web site because I do that — the reason I have eyeballs is because of my irreverence.” —

(The racy pictures of bearded men also help)


2 responses to “the new york times discovers women bloggers

  1. omg, i somehow missed it yesterday. Thanks, DB, and for the commentary. With every clueless article like this (WOMEN use computers!) NYT sends more and more readers to my new fave daily, The New York Sun.

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