weighing the pretty aes…not literally

Walking to work is a great idea, but on days like today it feels like you’re walking through warm gelatin.

And after walking through said gelatin in hot jeans and an ill-chosen button-down shirt (arrogantly untucked), I am left with the distinct feeling that I really ought to find a way to go home before the scheduled date with The Auditioning Pretty AE.

On a basic interest level, things continue apace, but every time I see her I am left with the question of why irony, detachment and pessimism are the preferred modes of a supposed sophisticate like herself? Nothing can be approached or discussed in absolute terms, no life experience considered and experienced without a jaded tiredness and all emotions seem through the lens of a hipster ironic detachment.

I guess I can’t blame her…she’s a woman of her time.

But it strikes me as a very unfulfilling way to live.

The Pretty Account Supervisor, on the other hand, has a somewhat lower level of interest…yet though I worry that I am falling again into the trap of yearning after someone in a quaint and outdated sort of way, I really can’t help myself.

You wouldn’t be able to, either.

We are seeing each other this weekend.


One response to “weighing the pretty aes…not literally

  1. Shitting where you eat? Ballsy. I like it. Go get ’em, tiger.

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