hill holliday is ready to rock

Sometimes ads can get a little to design-y, where so much gets thrown into an ad to make it cool that it’s difficult to break through all the mess and get right to the point straightaway. Sure it looks cool, but the first priority of any ad is to get the message across and “it looks cool” isn’t really a message that does anything.

Not that visually dull ads are good, of course. Nobody likes 31 flavors of vanilla.

Ideally, they both look cool and communicate the message well, like this print ad from Hill Holliday for the Rock & Roll Forever Foundation:

Design-wise, it reminds me of the old Pee-Chee folders from elementary school…you know, the ones that you drew all over and beat up and yet they still somehow made it through the school year.

It’s cool work for a client that surely gave Hill Holliday all the creative freedom that they wanted. Jealousy about clients like that aside, it’s solid work and it manages to channel my childhood as well, which matters when you’re as self-centered as I am.

On a scale of 1-10 you, Hill Holliday, get an “awesome.”

From Ads of the World.


One response to “hill holliday is ready to rock

  1. ROCK!

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