harvey marco goes cross-country

The last time that Harvey Marco worked in New York, so the stories go, he threw a desk out a window in frustration/anger/creativity…lest that little tidbit make him seem like a dickhead, I have yet to run into anyone who has worked with or for him that has anything bad to say about the man personally. And his work speaks for itself.

A legend and a nice guy? Who would have thought it?

The New York story is relevant because the former ECD at Saatchi LA is on his way back to New York City to run things at JWT.

A strange move considering that he had moved to Los Angeles in the first place because of family ties – he and his wife are from southern California – and the fact the it’s JWT that we’re talking about, but he surely knows what he’s doing…I mean, were I to get a call inviting me to work at JWT with Mr Marco I can’t say that it would be easy to say no.


One response to “harvey marco goes cross-country

  1. I heard that the reason he threw his desk out the window because an annoying co-worker was sitting on top of it in the lotus position, going on and on about how one-ply toilet paper is just as good as two-ply paper. If this is true, then that guy and desk deserved to die! 1-ply toilet paper is totally whack and should never have been created!!!

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