giving up on cannes, still feeling good

This blog is avowedly apolitical not because I don’t have political views – I have very strong political views – but because the focus of this blog is advertising. And I would like to keep it that way. Still, sometimes there are situations that blur the line…like the following between my attorney friend from Connecticut and me via text message:

Attorney Friend: Loving the Olympics. I get a kick out of watching Bush act like a dude at a sports bar. Then I remember he runs the country.

Daily Biz: After the U.S. swimmers finished off the French wankers in the 4×4 I was hoping that Bush would top it by challenging Sarkozy to a beer pong game and beating him on a bouncer with one cup left.

Attorney Friend: Would that be good advertising for the country if they made the highlights a TV spot?

Daily Biz: It wouldn’t get you an invite to Cannes, that’s for sure.


One response to “giving up on cannes, still feeling good

  1. I am pretty sure that basing a television ad around the clip of Bush “raising the roof” at the Men’s hoops game versus China would result in an amazing boost in sales for any product, comparable to the consumer craze for Trolls or Pound Puppies (which, coincidentally, were popular when people were still “raising the roof” for reasons other than pure sarcasm).

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