bob garfield wins friends and influences people

The Official Bob Garfield Boycott of the Daily (Ad) Biz, which Bob started after I called him out for failing to do even basic research before writing a typically sloppy critique of an ad campaign, has gone so well that my readership has more than tripled since then.

So I can only imagine what will happen to HighJive, blogger behind the excellent MultiCult Classics.

What started with a biting satire of Garfield’s deranged, over-the-top, beyond-the-original-valid-point attack on offensive messaging in advertising has broadened to include a spirited commentary on this whole situation.

Especially funny is the big-headed one declaring that he brought an end to offensive advertising:

“Yet one can’t help but wonder if Garfield considers himself successful in the Snickers scenario. It’s pretty likely, given his humungous ego. But take a closer look at the realities. For starters, the commercial was pulled after the Human Rights Campaign Foundation directly confronted Mars Inc. Word of the spot had already worked its way through the GLBT grapevine, even before Garfield addressed his letter to Wren. So it’s tough to say if Garfield played any role at all in the decision to yank the offensive message.”

Of course he did…he’s Bob Motherfucking Garfield. BMFG for short.

If he’s not being condescending toward a blogger, he’s declaring that he has righted a major wrong in the world.

Sometimes he even does both, as in his comment on HighJive’s post:

“Honestly, HJ. This is silly. I know you hate me, for reasons that still aren’t clear to me. But as I never “declared victory” in the Snickers situation — or anything like it — isn’t a bit ridiculous for you to prove that such a declaration is wrong? Bloggers use this strawman technique all the time, but you get the prize.”

Er, Bob, except that HighJive doesn’t hate you and actually, more than anyone, was arguing in support of your main principle just without the lack of research, clarity of thought and condescension toward those who aren’t J-school grads.

I am sick of pompous old media writers like Mr Garfield telling me that I love to hate them when in fact I hate to hate them.

Mr Garfield, in no way should you take any joy in being so wrong about something that throngs of people, even experts in the field you comment on, rise up as one to denounce you. This is not what it means to be a writer, no matter how proud of yourself you might be that you are a ‘contrarian.’

When your every column is followed by reams of emails, comments and blog posts about something you wrote that was wrong, you should not just shrug and rip them for being ‘bloggers’ and happily pat yourself on the back for ‘doing something right to get people that interested in you.’ No. Those emails, comments and blog posts mean that you were wrong. So wrong that people were driven to action to call you out for it. So wrong that you made people angry.

There is nothing respectable about being this wrong. Please stop doing this.


2 responses to “bob garfield wins friends and influences people

  1. Son, perhaps I wasn’t clear with you earlier, and for that I humbly apologize. But you lost your privileges me not because you “called me out.” You lost your privileges because, like many an anonymous troll, you are a liar, a coward and… it pains me to admit, because it only empowers the likes of you…a complete nuisance.

    In exactly the way gnats are a nuisance.

    I wish you’d move onto other targets, or at least get some integrity, but I don’t suppose that will happen. I also can’t avoid you, because when I Google Blog Search myself, like, 7000 times a day, there you are. Whoever you are. (At least Steve Hall — puerile sub-Gawker that he is — signs his name.)

    As to why I even bother replying to someone so inconsequential and vastly unworthy, there are two reasons.:
    1) I am vain (see Google search above). Yes, feet of clay.
    2) I am man enough to “call out” under my own name. Are you, son? Are you? You needn’t answer the question. You’ve answered it every craven day of your blog’s mean, unethical and dishonest little life.

    There. I’ve done it. I’ve taken the troll’s bait and given you enough for another dozen or so inanities. I hope it works so well that you triple your audience again. If you dare to dream, 27 isn’t so unattainable.

  2. Um, wow. Like, WOW.

    I mean…you know…wow.

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