the canadian civil (blog) war

There is a no-name blog called The REAL Media in Canada that is about as exciting as its name would lead you to expect.

The URL, mediaincanadaeh, also points to the level of cleverness and general discourse on the site.

Daily Biz, you may be asking yourself, if they are so terrible why are you blogging about them, eh?

Because they are so terrible. And because they started a blog war with sweet little Dear Jane Sample. And because I always jump into a online ruckus.

But mainly because of their blog war with Jane.

I thought that it was impossible to dislike the smart and irreverent writer of the best Canadian ad blog around, Dear Jane Sample…but apparently not.

A small comment from Jane about their blog not being particularly interesting escalated into a deluge of comments on Jane’s blog – thank you RSS feeds on comments for allowing me to follow the action from afar – including some that tried to “out” her.

That is a completely proportional response to someone who thinks your blog is less than interesting.

It’s hard to tell if you are upset at her comment, in which case you’re childish, or if you have a problem with her blog, in which case you are brainless, or if you just don’t like her personally, in which case you work at MacLaren McCann.

This is an aside, but in the case of MacLaren McCann it’s gotta suck to work at a GM roster shop and just know that the big budget cuts mean layoffs are on the way…

But back to the point – what’s with the “let’s out Jane” campaign?

Was there was nothing else that you could muster, either on your own blog or in any of the lovely and tasteful comments that you left on hers, that actually dealt directly with her criticism? Or did you just figure, “fuck it, we can’t refute a damn thing she is saying so we might as well just go out ourselves as complete bitches and try to make public her real identity”?

Either way, you’ve made an ass out of yourself all over the internet.


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