oh, to be plaid

There is a small agency in Danbury, Connecticut called Plaid that punches above its weight (especially if you consider that the combined weight of all – approximately – twenty employees is probably less than Mike Tyson before he got bloated, tattooed and crazy).

That small Connecticut agency really gets social media.

And yes, they get it beyond the Brand Flakes for Breakfast blog that just might be the best agency-run blog out there.

If I weren’t so lazy a blogger I would have gotten out ahead of their Plaid Nation tour, “a rolling celebration of creativity and a demonstration of social media in action” that is really a van full of Plaid employees taking to the street to make their pitch.

If you’re a small agency, you have to think differently.

This year the tour hit the California coast (with the obligatory stop in Las Vegas that may or may not have taken the live webcams down) from Oceanside up to Frisco with the whole tour broadcast live, twittered and otherwise leveraged by emerging media.

How’s that for a way to show that you get it?

The functional and attractive website lets you follow their progress, download freebies and listen to their theme song (why a theme song, you may ask? no clue…). It’s also a great way to sell the agency and their capabilities.

But will potential clients notice?


2 responses to “oh, to be plaid

  1. (No comment on Vegas webcams.)

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