the pretty ae auditions

As I alluded to in an earlier post, there is a new and improved Pretty AE lurking around the Official Private Life of the Daily Biz…there are two actually.

My brother says that I love drama and I usually disagree, but after spending over a year pining for a co-worker and then moving seamlessly into trying to choose between two pretty account siders at competing agencies (though from the same holding company…which may or may not mean anything), I think that he may have a point.

Here is how we got to this stage in what I am unofficially calling the Pretty AE Auditions (at least around my apartment I am):

As you may recall from an earlier post, I had been set up with a friend of a friend and it actually went well…which isn’t something that you can bank on in one of those set-up situations. I had prepared for the worst. It was considerably better than that.

We have hung out here and there – by no means would I go in two-footed on this one – and I am interested enough to keep going back, as it were, to see how things develop.

Things got interesting late last week when I ran into an old friend that I had sporadically kept in contact with (and then Facebook came along and made our sporadic friendship totally official). Said friend, more Pretty Account Supervisor than mere AE, is really attractive.

Really attractive.

And, based in part on our lengthy Facebook friendship and history that stretches back to both of our baby steps into the business, I know that I like her for more than the whole tall, blond, blue-eyed thing she has going on.

So…where does that leave us?

First, I plan to see how things pan out with The Auditioning Pretty AE. Why let a bird in the hand, pardon the pun, fly away?

Second, I plan to learn the lessons from The Pretty AE to make sure that I don’t dawdle forever on this Pretty Account Supervisor situation that is showing an awful lot of potential.

My brother thinks that maybe I should move beyond advertising and that I might be happy with a teacher or lawyer or something…but that just wouldn’t be quite as interesting. Or filled with drama. And apparently I like drama.

Drama and pretty ad girls.


3 responses to “the pretty ae auditions

  1. I dunno. I’ve always been a little cautious about girls that bill by the hour.

  2. This post is worthless without pix.

    Just sayin.

  3. agree with griner. moreover. is this why you’ve been missing lately?!

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