enfatico’s super recruiting effort

Paging Enfatico…please get your head out of your ass. That goes for all of you, but primarily for senior recruiter Dave McLane.

Or, as I like to call him, superdave!

Superdave! McLane, whose superdave@enfatico email address helpfully tells you, in case you didn’t already know from his reputation, that he is awfully super, just sent possible the super-ist of all recruiting emails to an anonymous Creative Director…who posted it on the internet.

Because, to put it politely, he’s a little bit upset about the email. Fucking pissed off, even.

It’s all about primary sources here at this paragon of journalistic awesomeness that you may know as the Daily (Ad) Biz, so let’s get right to the email that Superdave! sent from Enfatico!


Subject: Acd position
From: Dave McLane
Date: 7/23/08 11:02 PM

Please send your portfolio to superdave@enfatico.com

Sent from my iPhone


To be fair, if I were to get an email like this from someone who is actually super like, say, David Lubars or Harvey Marco or Al Kelly then I would be okay with it. They are actually super.

They are also actually really busy, really respected and really badass enough to pull something like this off without sounding like a total douchebag…even though none of them actually would. When you’re really big time, you don’t have to posture.

Enough from me, let’s take a look at the reaction of the very put out Creative Director who received the email…because, as you would expect, it’s pretty super!:

1. WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? […] You must be Cardinal Richelieu come back from a past life. Since you seem so fond of barking out instructions without any benefit at the end for your personal slaves who are duty bound to fork over their life’s work.

2. WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU EXPECT FROM YOUR ONE SENTENCE, INFORMATIONLESS EMAIL? […] I’m suddenly DYING to work for a place that wants to litter the earth with shitty Dell computers.

3. JUST EXACTLY WHAT FUCKING POSITION IS AVAILABLE??? “Acd position”? Does that mean an ACD position? Or A CD position? There’s this fucking thing called a goddamn SHIFT key. Look into it when you’re not pretending to be somebody with their shit together. […]



For the whole post click here and like it.


5 responses to “enfatico’s super recruiting effort

  1. Make no mistake about it: I am not making excuses for Super Dave, but unless you change the settings on your iPhone (which any self respecting non-douchebag would do) all emails sent from your iPhone include the “Sent from my iPhone” tag. Obviously Super Dave is super busy and he couldn’t be bothered to change his settings.

    On an unrelated note, wouldn’t it be great if Enfatico issued iPhone’s to their employees?

  2. Ok, I really don’t think this is that bad.

    My guess is that this recruiter was at a bar, smoozing (aka “networking,” as any good recruiter should), and someone brought up this creative’s name. Instead of forgetting, he just sent off an email to call in the portfolio based off a reccomendation that came from the conversation.

    Details could always come later. The “sent from my iPhone” actually redeems the situation somewhat, as you at least you know it was short and sweeet b/c he was writing on the spot (with the tiny iphone keys).

    This creative needs to get his head out of his ass and be glad for the lead.

  3. Right. I always send out my creative work when someone asks–ALLEGEDLY A LEAD RECRUITER–without telling me about the position, salary, location, and how he got my name.

    You, apparently, condone his douchebaggy behavior. And we all know what that makes you.

    Sent from my iMac!!!!!!

    P.S. Enfantico wants portfolios ain’t a lead. Maybe in your world. In mine, that’s a given. A lead is Joe Smith the group creative director has you in mind for blah, blah, blah. Or the position we have is for the consumer advertising blah blah blah.

    His email was ignorant, unprofessional and couldn’t possibly be generated with a thought toward of a productive outcome. He’ll get books from people who have no alternatives.

    And that’s Enfatico.

  4. well, the response goes with the arrogance created by Dell’s VP/Marketing that brought WPP in as his in-house agency. they are all alike which goes to show what goes up will come down.

  5. This seems more like fake outrage than a dig at bad HR. The posting of this “email” looks more like a black op than “actual outrage.” Looks like someone has a beef with Mr. McClane and chose to “Punk” him with this . Anyone can “create” this stuff and note the inclusion of a pic to hammer home the point.

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