chuck kelly has a sense of humor

After my post yesterday about the near-naming of his agency after John Travolta’s wife, Chuck Kelly, the second name in Preston Kelly, himself has posted a link to my blog and an excerpt of the post, at the official agency newsroom page no less…taking the piss about how I said his ego was the reason behind the near snafu with the agency’s name.

I love it. Lots of people – Bob Garfield, I’m looking at you – surely have reasons to want to take a blogger down a peg, but the only real way to do it is to take the piss like Chuck Kelly did.

Too bad for him there isn’t a peg down which I can fall.

Of course, I stand by my ego comment. I know that it is still an industry standard to name an agency after the founders/partners, but to re-name an agency after yourself means that there is some ego in play…but did anyone get anywhere in this industry without a little ego? And when did ego become a bad thing anyway (especially when the man is so clearly able to have a laugh about someone talking about his)?

All that said, doesn’t Mr Kelly seem like a good guy? And didn’t he kind of make his agency seem both engaged and pretty cool?

I think so.


One response to “chuck kelly has a sense of humor

  1. Oh witty one cornobe…..
    From what we hear not only can you be knocked down many pegs at your young age but that the smallest peg of all is in your pants… Good luck with your little blog.

    Mom and Dad.

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