the ogilvy exodus continues

The exodus at Ogilvy isn’t really news, but it is continuing…both voluntary and involuntary departures having happened with regularity through the past few weeks. It’s getting kind of ugly over there and not even the departure of Ms Lazarus has lightened the mood.

I guess that’s how it is when people think they may lose their job.

The interesting part about the Ogilvy departures, at least from the interactive folks, is that a big chunk of them seem to have landed at…where they promptly displaced another chunk of interactive types who decamped for God knows where.

Talk of currently being in a recession may be economically illiterate, but even so the best that can be said is that we are in a period of very slow growth.

Which, you may have heard, is a bad thing for ad agencies.

And with the obvious problems faced by carmakers and rising cost of goods pinching profits for CPG companies, both of which are the kind of company that traditionally anchor agency client rosters, it’s a dicey time to be making big job moves.

Not that many from Ogilvy have much choice in the matter.


One response to “the ogilvy exodus continues

  1. In the ultimate dose of irony, a week after laying off 10% of its workforce, Ogilvy launched a website to help marketers (read: clients) manage through the recession. In truth, such a website is actually a pretty good idea, but so far it’s an epic fail…

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