no talking about advertising this weekend

I went to a friend’s place on the water this weekend for a little outdoors time and a lot of drinking…the group was split fairly evenly between regular people and advertising people (as an aside, it was a weird mix of ad people – my AD partner and me, three producers and a couple of accountniks with a digital guy turning up later in the weekend). Almost everyone already knew each other, but the hostess still felt the need to tell us that advertising talk was not allowed.

What is it about gatherings of ad people that make the conversation subject always be advertising?

At any rate, the hostess told us all that advertising was off-limits and, despite a few slips here and there, we all listened…and we were admirably multi-topic in our conversation.

That meant no bitching about work, no uncorroborated gossip about competitive agencies, no fits about clients…nothing. It was glorious. And it helped make sure that we didn’t devolve into our own little conversational ghetto.

I might make that rule a general one.

It’s nice to take a break once in a while (says a guy who works in advertising and spends his spare time blogging about advertising).


2 responses to “no talking about advertising this weekend

  1. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Was this another one of your pro-Russia social gatherings? Or do you and your fellow Putin-huggers limit free speech just for practice?

  2. Estonia ceased to be a part of Russia after the fall of the Berlin wall I (and they) will have you know!

    But I like them all from that part of the world…at least until we become enemies again.

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