the power150 doesn’t like me and i don’t care

AdAge, the trade magazine with a happy knack for getting under my skin, has a blog ranking system, the Power 150. Once your blog is considered for this list that is so totally awesome and reliable that it lists Copyblogger as the third best media and marketing blog out there, it is ranked on criteria like inbound links and alexa traffic rate and the list creator’s personal ranking.

I know that the majority of people who come to my blog are here because they were looking for a certain picture of the Official Daily Biz Wishful Thinking Girlfriend and star of NBC’s The Office Jenna Fischer…and I know that traffic like that shouldn’t help my ranking. But…

1. There are still people (more than one figure, less than five figures of daily unique visitors) who read this blog for its actual content. Why, I do not know.

2. I can’t even get on the consideration list.

Apparently, all one has to do to get their blog into consideration for the list is to ask…and I say apparently because despite multiple emails to the guys who run it, I still haven’t gotten so much as a note back.

Now, people tell me that the guys are good guys but, I ask, what’s with not returning all those emails?

Because in the Politeness 101 class I had to take after calling my CD “Bozo the Clown” and then getting outed and having to atone for it, I learned that not returning multiple emails in even a perfunctory way is really pretty dickish.

I know that I may have posted once or twice about how I think that Bob Garfield is past his best and may have had a couple of posts on a resurgent Adweek hauling in AdAge and, yes, I may have even said that at this point if I get asked to be on the list I will “get all Groucho Marx on them about not wanting to be in a club that will have me.”

I like to think that I am blackballed which, if it is the case, makes this the Pirate Radio of blogs: hated by a major trade mag, reviled by the most famous ad critic in the world and steadfast in its refusal to place ads on the site because, dammit, it’s all about raw and authentic notes from the advertising underground.

With that, I will steal a classicly tasteless tagline from Pirate Radio in LA to sign off: The Daily (Ad) Biz – not as much fun as sex, but safer.

And this blog doesn’t belong in the Power150?


11 responses to “the power150 doesn’t like me and i don’t care

  1. Brian Morrissey

    You have my vote.

  2. stupid, stupid question… but…
    did you use the form?
    that’s how i submitted.

  3. When I see where AdPulp is ranked in this list, it could be humbling, but it’s not. We all have our own list. Ad Age’s list is about as accurate as mine, or yours, or anyone else’s.

  4. maybe we should start a petition? create a post “daily ad biz for the Ad age 150”

  5. Maybe it’s a compliment. Like, you’re off the charts.

    I used to think this list was pretty accurate, but the blitzkrieg of SEO and “blog marketing” type sites has soured me a bit. I still think they should consider breaking it up into categories, so I can more easily ignore the “how to shill yourself” blogs.

  6. Alexa? Seriously? That says everything I’d need to know.

  7. In 1967, The Monkees sold more records than the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

    So, the Monkees are the best band from that year, right? Nah, it must be Lulu because “To Sir With Love” topped Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart that year. That’s why every teenager with a guitar today wants to grow up to be Lulu.

    Charts matter, but only to a point. Unless, of course, the Power150 decides MY new blog is #1. In that case, charts 100% rule 🙂

  8. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Couldn’t you have replaced this entire whine-y blog entry with the old Woody Allen line “Boy, the food at this place is really terrible… and such small portions!”

  9. Ah, still bringing the hate I see.

    Maybe the fact that Copyblogger is popular and you’re not should be a lesson to your snobby little ad agency ass.

    But it won’t be. Oh well.

  10. Thank you for the support guys…I actually got a nice email from the Power 150 guys so my angry edge is gone…it’s hard to be upset when they seem like genuinely nice characters who lost my email in a spam filter. Fair play.

    @ Brian Clark – It’s not that I hate so much as I think that Sales & Marketing should be broken down to you and your blog in sales and me and my blog in marketing…sure, there is some crossover and in an ideal world we help with both but our primary objective just isn’t the same. Which means that, the quality of your blog being out of this because I’m not trying to slag you off, I just don’t think that you belong on this list. Griner makes a point about categories perhaps helping, but click throughs and direct response are the narrowest and most tangental of traditionally defined marketing tactics.

    You write for the joes, I write for the pros.

  11. Todd Andrlik of the Power 150 list left a comment earlier today that got hung up in moderation…I usually let them all through but his had my real name so I had to hold it until I got home and could post it myself with edits. Apologies to Todd, who seems a really nice guy, for being late with this:

    Hey [DB],

    I’m not sure what happened or how long you’ve been waiting, but you should definitely be added to the list and I’ll personally make sure that the daily (ad) biz is included with the next batch of blogs to be ranked – probably next week sometime. As Riot points out, the Power 150 submission form is the best way to go because sometimes direct emails get caught in a spam filter or accidentally overlooked. And, for what it’s worth, I did sift through my emails and spam folder with no trace of any messages from you – if I had received something, please know that I would have replied asap. Lastly, if our email response times are lagging, you’re always welcome to call Charlie at Ad Age or me on my cell phone. Both of those numbers are readily available to all. And I’m on Twitter, so feel free to use that too. Regardless, you’ll be added to the list soon.

    Thanks (and thanks Alan Wolk for bringing this post to my attention so I could respond),

    By the way – great blog! As a diehard Cubs fan, I love that you posted the Nuveen ads. I’ll definitely be back.

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