the power 150 guys are really friendly

Apparently, all it takes it throwing a public temper tantrum to get attention.

Of course, according to Copyblogger’s very own Brian Clark, I am a snobbly little ad agency ass so it should be expected.

Of course, Mr Clark is absolutely right about me…I am a snobby little agency ass. I’m not even mad he said it. His comment cuts to the core. He’s like a little buddha, all covered in click-throughs.

Anyway, after I threw the proverbial toys out of the pram about AdAge’s Power 150 and my blog’s conspicuous (to me, my Mom and at least three loyal readers) absence from it I got a really nice email and comment from the guys who run the list.

The comment from Todd Andrlik explains the situation:

I’m not sure what happened or how long you’ve been waiting, but you should definitely be added to the list and I’ll personally make sure that the daily (ad) biz is included with the next batch of blogs to be ranked – probably next week sometime. As Riot points out, the Power 150 submission form is the best way to go because sometimes direct emails get caught in a spam filter or accidentally overlooked. And, for what it’s worth, I did sift through my emails and spam folder with no trace of any messages from you – if I had received something, please know that I would have replied asap. Lastly, if our email response times are lagging, you’re always welcome to call Charlie at Ad Age or me on my cell phone. Both of those numbers are readily available to all. And I’m on Twitter, so feel free to use that too. Regardless, you’ll be added to the list soon.

Thanks (and thanks Alan Wolk for bringing this post to my attention so I could respond),


I kinda feel like a douchebag now…but I’m a snobby little agency ass so it’s expected, right?


8 responses to “the power 150 guys are really friendly

  1. We can’t please everyone… but we try. I just confirmed that today is your inaugural day on the Power 150. You join at No. 351, so you’re already in the upper half of the 729-strong list. Congrats. Keep up the great work and you’re sure to climb the list.


  2. dearjanesample

    wow … well there goes my online-blogging petetion to get you on …. I was kind of excited about that too

  3. @dearjanesample – I was excited too. damn modern communications, it all happened quicker than it could have to the detriment of drama and a groundswell of public opinion.

  4. Now maybe you’ll feel brave enough to reveal your secret identity… exciting!

  5. @Brian Clark – Probably not…everyone likes a masked man in a cape better.

  6. I’m not on the list either…wahhhhhhhhh.

  7. I just like capes.

  8. I think it’s odd that there are 729 blogs on a 150 list.
    When the list was first published, I was ranked at an awesome #49. But now through the evils of Technorati, the addition of Alexa, not counting Feedburner readers, (and the fact I don’t post as much as I used to), I’m now sitting around #338.
    It’s a good source to find a good marketing blog, but there’s a lot of blogs on there that don’t have a lot to do with marketing (the threshold is 50% of marketing posts — it should be higher). At the same time, there’s lots of good marketing/ad focused blogs like this one that have been overlooked.
    Glad you got included and welcome to the 300s of the 150!

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