the new bmw 7 series has got balls

BMW is launching the latest iteration of the surprisingly nimble while being objectively massive 7 Serives (that description hasn’t been approved through corporate…yet) and has German agency Jung von Matt on the case.

Instead of going the usual beauty shots of car driving around scenic corners or a strikingly posed car in front of a moody sky (which, strangely, doesn’t affect the lighting of the car), they decided to take the teaser/reveal in another place.

Red Square, Moscow.

Described as a 12-meter-high glass contraption (quick metric conversion: big enough to fit a BMW 7 Series in it), it was the centerpiece of the launch party and has gotten people talking. Even me.

The hourglass display was filled with more than 180,000 silvery balls that concealed the car…they were slowly released an the car gradually revealed.

Car launch events and marketing support are usually pretty bland because so much of the focus is on showing sheet metal that it’s nice to see a creative twist. The reveal definitely has some drama and extravagance about it, and I like both.

Also, it’s a nice nod to Russia’s growing economic clout (thank you regulations and silly laws that keep America from actually producing any of our own oil and thus enrich Russia oligarchs who buy BMWs…what a world) that the European launch took place in Moscow.

Privyet, 7 Series. Well done.


4 responses to “the new bmw 7 series has got balls

  1. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Hey comrade, are you lauding mother Russia just so Putin won’t “shut down” your blog? (

    Oh, and did you know that Putin (yeah, the the same guy from that article — seriously, the same guy) was Time Magazine’s 2007 Person of the Year? (

    I bet Time’s editor got one of those fancy new 7-series. Or at least some of those silvery balls.

  2. I can’t believe that he was Time’s Person of the Year. That’s sort of like a Yasser Arafat or Jimmy Carter winning a Nobel Peace Prize. Eh? Oh.

    And good point about Mother Russia…I’m scared as shit of her.

  3. Political commentary aside, it’s a pretty cool way to reveal a new car. I wonder what would have happened if a silver ball got jammed and the “revealing” was delayed for a couple weeks?

  4. silentremembrance

    Wow, this is an awesome way to reveal a car. Definitely got people’s attention.

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