nuveen root, root, roots for the cubbies

There is nothing like baseball season…even if you don’t love baseball there is so much to commend to it from the lazy, sunny days of summer to the Americana feel of the snap of the mitt as two people play catch. It’s kitschy, it’s classic, it’s the best game ever invented and it’s the subject of innumerable ad campaigns for brands that want a little borrowed interest or need to reinforce themselves as a “hometown brand.”

Line Nuveen Investments in their new campaign from Fallon:

There used to be a time that Fallon would not tout something like this…not because the work is bad, these ads are just what they are: regional ads that tie one brand to a partner brand. They are nicely traditional and recognizably Cubbie and just sort of are. And that is the point. They are regional ads that do what they need to do quickly and efficiently.

There was a time when, whatever the merits of the Nuveen campaign (and my Chicago-based sister just loves ads), it just wouldn’t be news.


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