mama said there’d be days like this

Sometimes when I’m having a day like I am having today, one of those days where it starts out and you’re all excited because your calendar is reasonable and the sun is shining and think you’re gonig to accomplish great things and then it all goes pear-shaped, I think that maybe I could be happy working in a government agency or something.

The pros:
1. I wouldn’t have the nagging feeling that I have exhausted all of my creativity in the projects leading up to now because creativity would not be in my job descriptions

2. Lunch would be a scheduled thing inviolable from updated client presentations over the lunch hour but changed to close to it to allow me to get food beforehand

3. Nobody would make fun of me by calling me the EFFIEinator because all I seem to ever have a shot at winning is EFFIEs

4. I could leave every day at 5, or 4:59 if I were feeling lucky

5. People wouldn’t discuss briefs for a week before giving them to me because in a different work environment that would be a firable offense

The cons:
1. I couldn’t pretend that my life in any way mirrors the guys in Mad Men

2. I would have to buy a grown-up wardrobe

3. There would be no beer cart on Fridays

4. The government workers I have met to date have been singularly unattractive

5. This blog would be a lot less interesting


One response to “mama said there’d be days like this

  1. what is a beer cart?

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