agency tart is back…or so she says

My online heart (which, as an aside, is a completely separate entity from my offline heart both in terms of responsibility for keeping me alive and in seriousness of the emotions it feels) was broken a few months back by ad blogger Agency Tart.

Agency Tart had toyed with ending her blogging career, but decided not to when her readers expressed their intense disappointment with that decision through the comments section.

So then she said that she would keep blogging.

Only she didn’t.

Until now, when out of the blue she emailed to say that she wasn’t dead. And then there were actually posts at her blog. It was like a Lifetime movie…she called in the dead of night to say that she was home and the first few days have been good, but I don’t know if she is going to leave again.

I don’t know that I am ready to commit.

But I want to. I want to because her blog is a bitingly funny and devilishly humorous look at what it’s like to work in advertising from the perspective of a digital-focused account gal who drinks a lot.

The blog is worth a read and maybe if the traffic numbers are impressive she’ll keep at it for longer than last time.


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