9 responses to “sherwin-williams account is up for grabs

  1. SBC Advertising has not worked with Sherwin-Williams for some time now. Doner, Wyse and Carmichael Lynch Spong are some of the more recent owners of this account.

    Why don’t you try your post again with current information?

  2. Where’d you get your info? I don’t think one single statement in this post is accurate.

  3. How do you know Sherwin Williams is looking for a new agency?

  4. @Matt – I know that Sherwin Williams is looking for a new agency because one of my buddies is a planner at a shop that made the long list.

    @Jay – Like I said, I heard the news from a buddy whose shop is hoping to get on the short list. I hope that your agency isn’t the incumbent and, if it is, that this isn’t a surprise.

    @E – Sorry for the mistake. I heard the Sherwin-Williams news and remembered SBC as the incumbent and posted before double-checking to make sure that my memory was correct. It wasn’t. My apologies on that.

    One note though, Carmichael Lynch Spong is a PR firm and as far as I know only the advertising portion of the account is up for review.

  5. wat agencies are on the long list and the short list?

  6. sher-wms steals, lies, cheats, simple as that check http://www.webetrayamerica.com

  7. has anything happened with this account review – has been nothing in the press

  8. Looking at the picture doesn’t seem like a good move. The color is red too so that could lead to an interesting conversation.

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