the hiatus is officially over

I feel compelled to apologize for my lengthy absence from blogging…it really has been a while and the lack of blogging has been the fault of an extremely busy schedule coupled with some extremely stupid decisions (maybe it wasn’t a good idea to put the modem on the window sill with the window open and leave for a few days that were forecast for thunderstorms).  But I am back.  And I promise never to disappear like that again.

Unless I want to.

The good news is that the early summer is typically slow here in Ad Land, with this summer being no exception.

Sure, this is the time when a lot of fresh-faced youngsters are hired right out of college or portfolio school, but otherwise it’s also the time that much of the production and planning hits a lull until the early fall.  At least it’s been that way for me.  

Maybe I have just worked on the right accounts.


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