technology issues have me down

In preparation for the design facelift of the site I seem to have sabotaged my own ability to make updates…also, the internet connection at my apartment is down because I left the window open and it rained on my modem…but a quick one here to say that I am working on it and will be back up and running later this week.

Sorry about that.


5 responses to “technology issues have me down

  1. dearjanesample

    It RAINED on your modem? Man I would love to hear THAT call to IT support!

  2. whatever shall i do without your snark?

  3. BlakeDriveGirl

    ha! I think that you are a good storyteller. Rain?

  4. i guess it wasn’t a good idea to leave the modem by the window and the window open. who would have thought? and blakey, you of all people should know the bonehead things i am capable of.

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