drive agency chalks up a symphony

There is a small shop in downtown St Louis called the Drive Agency that specializes in non-traditional advertising and, here is the coolest part, after the doors close at night it becomes the only commission-free art gallery in town…what a great way to live, breathe and fully support creativity.

In their new campaign for the St Louis Symphony, Drive Agency set out to prove that guerilla marketing could work for more than just hip, edgy brands:

Using massive stencils and some spray chalk, Drive Agency transformed crosswalks throughout St Louis into sheet music to promote upcoming concerts and attract a younger demo.

While the tactic isn’t whiz-bang new, it is still unusual and attention-getting in a city like St Louis (where it wouldn’t be here in New York), especially in the surprisingly walkable downtown area where the stencils will be seen by the young professionals that this campaign no doubt targets.

Add that to the interesting way to add notes to the already-existing painted crosswalk lines and this idea works on a creative level.

Whether it will be effective or not, time will tell. A theater in Minneapolis did something similar a few years back and, while it certainly was buzzworthy and gained awareness with the target, I never heard how it did. Which isn’t usually a great sign.

Hopefully Drive’s effort gets results that are interesting, too.


2 responses to “drive agency chalks up a symphony

  1. It’s just too bad that St. Louis doesn’t generate “whiz-bang new” creative and that its soooooooo far behind the great city of New York filled with hookers and crazy people.

  2. Hold your horses, dude. I didn’t say that St Louis creative was so far behind New York or even that it was behind at all, rather that the tactic has been used A LOT in New York (and in general – the tactic is old if the creative twist is still nice) and not quite so much in St Louis. Which is objectively true.

    Just like New York’s hookers and crazy people are also true.

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