out again to watch de oranje

After one of the most exhilarating matches of the Euro 2008 tournament, the Netherlands are back in action against World Cup runner-up France this afternoon…and, as you might expect, I will be watching.

Some people are calling this Holland team a revelation and all that, but despite the 3-0 dismantling of World Cup champion Italy I am very concerned that they are just not good enough defensively. And that because of this they will crush me emotionally unless I steel myself beforehand.

We can call them The New Orange after they have won something.

With all of this soccer to be watched, I will be out for the afternoon…and if the game doesn’t go well, don’t worry about me, I’ll console myself by hanging out with some Dutch girls.

Gouw gaat het is a pickup line in some places. I think.


5 responses to “out again to watch de oranje

  1. Where are you finding these Dutch girls to hang out with?

    Also, are they showing these games on ESPN or do you need some fancy satellite?

  2. @ james – all of the games are on ESPN and ESPN2 this tournament, which is great, and the dutch girls i met at, and this is the dork in me, the dutch club. you do what you gotta do, right?

  3. the goals just kept coming! a second fantastic match where attacking won out…it’s like the most creative ads always winning awards and driving sales. fantastic.

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