my brand timeline

First of all, I am not lazy. I am busy. Well, maybe I am a little bit lazy…but it is the summer, it’s been around 100 degrees for a while and I have been chasing after this super-hot Estonian woman so I have an excuse. Ish.

What I am getting defensive about, you ask?

I am getting defensive about waiting until today to FINALLY put together my brand timeline in response to Dear Jane Sample’s Original Brand TimelineTM. I am defensive because the timeline was for a day last week…I just haven’t posted it until today.

It also shows why I am completely unable to run a site like Agency Spy. Far too many updates need to be made with an immediacy I just can’t muster when I’m not getting paid for it.

How about that for a lead in?

Ladies and gentleman, I give you…my somewhat chronological brand timeline from a random day last week:

Though not as complete as Jane’s (I clearly did not snack, change clothes, put on makeup or have sex that day…which is not unusual for me, now that I think about it), it is a great exercise. It takes actually writing down all the brands you use to realize just how branded life has become.

And to realize just how revealing telling everyone the brands you use is.


3 responses to “my brand timeline

  1. dearjanesample

    chasing super-hot estonian women is by FAR more important then making brand timelines …

  2. haha – i appreciate that 🙂

  3. You know what they say… there’s nothing like eating your own dog food.

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