3 responses to “behind the curtain at strawberryfrog, part one

  1. we all know you love Holland because of their beautiful women… that is why I do.

    When I was there I saw tons of great looking ladies. Even their police women were great looking.

    One of my dreams is to work over in Amsterdam. Not for the ladies, the weed or even the red-light district – just for the beautiful city, the canals and their great attitude about life. It would also be nice being able to ride bikes everywhere. On top of that there is so much great work being created there.

  2. you are absolutely right about the beautiful women!

    my family are from IJmuiden, a town just outside Haarlem, but sadly i never really grew up speaking dutch and my father passed up a chance to move to eindhoven for obscure reasons. too bad because i too would love to live and work in amsterdam for a time. great work is being done there and it is already a great country with a great people and fantastic voetball.

    maybe one day.

  3. Can someone please explain to me in English what SF account people do? I read all that and it sounds like a bunch of squishy pseudo marketing speak to me.

    “An Account Director is the team leader, the curator leading our cultural movement process, which liberated creativity and delivers effective communications.”

    Their “cultural movement process”? How exactly does that “liberate creativity”?

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