just who works at all these places anyway?

I am a Twitter follower of Zeus Jones Partner Adrian Ho and he had a comment about the LinkedIn company profiles, so I just had to check them out.

They are pretty cool. Even Y&R’s:

The most interesting thing for me, and perhaps for you whether out of general curiosity or because you kind of like numbers or even because you are thinking about accepting a job offer from a place and want to check them out, are the company statistics.

Not only can you see new hires, promotions and the like, but it will break down (based on the information in the profiles on LinkedIn of course) things like median age, gender split, common colleges and even the places that most people worked at before and after that specific agency.

So you can tell if it’s a dead end or not.

I took a look at a number of agencies in New York, Minneapolis and Los Angeles (wanted to see if there were any geographic anomalies…there aren’t) and everyone sort of fell within similar age lines and gender splits.

Outliers in my totally unscientific sample were Fallon which skewed older with its median of 33 and Goodby which has a sprightly median of 29.

That, of course, means nothing because pretty much everyone else’s median was 31.

The gender split was a little more interesting. There Cramer Krasselt was an outlier at 59% female while Carmichael Lynch was a perfect 50/50 split. AKQA, as you might expect in an un-PC moment skewed heavily male…like freshman in college party male with 68%.

Don’t believe it? Check it out and do a bit of searching and waste away your morning just like I did.

It’s worth it.


One response to “just who works at all these places anyway?

  1. That’s very interesting- I had no idea they had company profiles on LinkedIn.
    Once they tried to jazz up the format from “post your resume” to something more Facebook-like, they’ve done a piss poor job of keeping anyone up to date on what they’re up to and how to use it.

    That’s a really useful feature. But I’m on there pretty often and was completely unaware of it.

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