Creative Beef has channeled his inner World of Warcraft warrior and created a game with advertising based characters. In a word, it’s awesome.

In more words, it’s more fun than frolicking with pixies or getting mistaken for Derek Jeter by starlets on FHMs hottest women list.

As a copywriter, my character is pretty awesome. Even though, apparently, my only avatar choice is female:

Whatever, it’s still cool.

The best part of the whole thing is that, instead of living simply as a clever blog post, two young ad bloggers turned mortal virtual enemies have stepped into the ring to do battle.

In the copywriter corner, actually living up to the female part of the avatar and sporting her Tiger-style Dictionary of Death is The Girl Riot.

In the account corner, with the suit and the Shaolin-style Jargon of Doom is Dear Jane Sample.

The battle has been a classic since the initial challenge from Jane:

Riot: i will take you on. i think my attitude is an asset, especially combined with my “smart-ass blog” and “big dictionary of death”! imagine all the variant definitions for death and dying i possess. i’d be a master. mwuahaha. newyorkia, here we come.

Jane: I take you on with my death stare of “hearing what your saying but not accepting it” and my secret weapon of “the Director” who I will whip out when the creative team refuses to cooperate with my bribes, glares, ect.

The battle was a close-run thing through the day, but Jane may have landed the death blow just before FedEx was due:

Jane: with the arrival of the flowers, Jane has reached the status of ultimate envy on the accounts floor as a “receiver of flowers”. She is now perceived as someone to watch out for … after all she gets “flowers”. Jane secretly thanks Riot for this weapon in the Suit political war, but she can not be out played.

Pervy is eager for a meeting of any kind as he expects to have melted some of Riot’s …. reserve. Jane as the every pleasing AE schedules a “quick status” meeting and then lunch with Pervy. Jane evades Pervy’s desires to “visit the creative floor”, runs through the status meeting and stops by her desk for her purse & coat before taking Pervy out to lunch. Pervy, naturally sees the flowers intended for Riot on Jane’s desk. He barely waits until lunch to ask about the flowers, Jane innocently admits that she is “keeping them on her desk” for a fellow co-worker who recently got back with her boyfriend … who is extremely jealous. Jane further confides that the co-workers reaction to the flowers were rather odd ….

Jane evades Pervy’s further questions on the co-worker/flowers and instead launches into a full scale attack for the “new business”. Pervy, in his distraction lets too much slip about a possible new groundbreaking campaign that will push Brand X into Web 2.0, it will be fully viral and demand full synergy! Jane eagerly jumps on the new campaign and as she hails the praise of the creative team who could work on the new venture without problems and names each member univocally ….. Pervy gets an idea …. If he gives the project to this Agency and demands a specific creative team …..

Riot: …shit. i think i lose. i get to work on a fun new brief?!

require Night For Rebuttal wherein i consult Big Dictionary of Death.

It’s only going to get better from here.


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