threatening hate mail from marketing drive

Back in November I wrote a post about Connecticut agency Marketing Drive…I know, I know, why dredge up news from about six months ago? It wasn’t really my choice. Someone from Marketing Drive found that post.

In fact, based on my traffic numbers, email volume and a few comments on the blog, a few Marketing Drive people found that post.

Before I go any further, let me say that I have no beef with Marketing Drive. I know someone who works there and he is a pretty nice guy and says fairly good things about the agency…it’s just that from what I have seen it’s not a top shop. I don’t think that even the people who own it would argue that it is.

They do a job below-the-line and that’s great and all, but you have to do a bit more to be a favorite of the Daily (Ad) Biz. In fact, you have to do a lot more to not get excoriated by the Daily (Ad) Biz – as agencies like Grey and Y&R and others have found.

The is a long-winded lead-in to the email that I just got from someone who clearly works at Marketing Drive. The subject simply said:

“Stay away from where you are going. You will not be happy.”

Dude, I went there in November. I gave my opinion. I invite you to show the kind of work that would prove me wrong. I ask you not to be a dickhead.

I shame you by posting your petulant email on my blog.

There are thin skins at Marketing Drive…but really, I wonder what the writer thought I would do when faced with a threat like that. Did he think that I would suddenly admit that Marketing Drive does better creative than anyone in the world ever and that not only are they better but they do layouts after drinking four bottles of bourbon, a game and a half of spin the bottle and then after they finish they go kill a bear with their bare hands because they are THAT FUCKING GOOD?

If you don’t like my opinion of your agency, do something about it. I don’t know what. Write a letter. Call your local congressman. Take to the streets. Get religious. Do actual good work. Anything. This shit has to stop.

Because it’s one thing to email me and say that you disagree (and maybe even send me some work to showcase that shows that your shop is actually pretty good – that would be cool). I am a reasonable person. I give agencies a fair shout (I think that they would say, except maybe for Y&R but that was mostly tongue in cheek anyway).

Just don’t act like a total douche.

It embarrasses you.


2 responses to “threatening hate mail from marketing drive

  1. Was that the total email? “Stay away from where you are going. You will not be happy.” What the fuck does that even mean? What will they possibly do? Get your home address and bombard you with junk mail? Flood your email box with spam? The tunes on their website sound like porn music.

    Or maybe it wasn’t a threat at all. It sounds like words of wisdom from Yoda or Pai Mei. It’s really quite prophetic. “Grasshopper, stay away from where you are going. You will not be happy.” Those are words we can all benefit from heeding.

  2. Maybe it was meant as advice that the anonymous Marketing Drive employee wished he/she had received before accepting a job there.

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