fallon snags wiggins & jobs aplenty in minneapolis

Fallon Minneapolis has joined the ranks of other Minneapolis shops and has started hiring again, according to Agency Spy they’ve stockpiled some interactive talent including former Zeus Jones partner Chris Wiggins.

Wiggins just couldn’t stay away from Fallon for long…especially not with the pay packet rumored to be on offer.

After a steady drumbeat of bad news out of the city for the past year or so driven primarily by the now-hiring Fallon and the still-not-hiring Martin/Williams (who have been in the tank for a while now) things have really been looking up.

Currently Carmichael Lynch, Olson + Company, Colle + McVoy, Kerker, Campbell Mithun and Fallon are all sporting a bunch of open positions, not all of them in interactive.

Advertising is a cyclical business, it seems.

And, as Fallon goes, not necessarily goes the entire city, though you wouldn’t have known it over the past few months.

It’s almost enough to get me to move back home, especially in the summer when it’s easy to forget how brutally cold and miserable winters on the plains are.


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