advertising & the estonian smoke show

One of the reasons that I like working in advertising is because it sounds cool…it must be one of the very few jobs that doesn’t pay millions of dollars that still has cachet. At least with people outside the business who don’t know any better.

To those on the outside advertising seems fun and glamorous and creative and all that, even though we really know that advertising is kinda oversold:

A case in point on the continuing baffling allure of advertising to people who should know better: I was out with a buddy this weekend watching the Twins-Yankees game. Near the end of the five hour marathon that was Saturday’s game some smoking hot Estonian women walked in the bar and, in as debonair a fashion I could after about three gallons of beer, I approached them.

Not put off by my looks or the stale reek of beer, we got to talking.

Eventually we discussed what we did and I mentioned advertising…which for some reason totally overshadowed my buddy’s job (high priced Manhattan lawyer) and even their own (something with hedge funds). How is this possible?

I credit Mad Men.

They actually loved that I did ads and wanted to talk about it. A lot. Hey, whatever “the Estonian smoke show” wants, “the Estonian smoke show” gets.

I don’t really know why people have such a high opinion of people in advertising and the industry itself when most of them viscerally dislike our product and we’re not particularly highly paid or glamorous people. I don’t really care.

Repeat after me: whatever “the Estonian smoke show” wants, “the Estonian smoke show” gets.


2 responses to “advertising & the estonian smoke show

  1. Read this post from Steffan Postaer:

    From what I have gathered it is a bigger deal to be in advertising outside of the US. To me it seems that all the “rock star” creatives are the people who are Creative Director/Copywriters because they can say they came up with that tagline or wrote those ads, radios or TV spots and they can go on the TV shots in LA where they got to hang out with the celebrity actor on set.

  2. I agree in that the CD/CW combination seems to get all of the glory…people admire writers, it seems, exponentially more than they should. Especially ad writers. Yes, I am an ad writer.

    I think you are right too that much of it revolves around TV. People keep saying that it’s dead but it is still the best mass reach vehicle in a marketer’s arsenal and nothing tops shoots for the ego boost they give everyone involved.

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