amalgamated shills for mike’s hard lemonade

People keep asking me what I plan to do for Memorial Day Weekend. First of all, I didn’t even know it was Memorial Day Weekend until people started asking me what I was going to do for (it has been so cold that I still don’t believe it’s almost June). Secondly, by the time that I realized that it was Memorial Day Weekend, I had not time to plan something. Third, I am going to pretend that doing nothing was my plan all along and that I will enjoy kicking back without an agenda.

I also plan to do a lot of drinking, especially if it warms up and I can sit outside.

I love having a drink while sitting outside, though I don’t really know why.

For an afternoon outside I would usually grab a beer, ideally an Anchor Steam, but after the new campaign for Mike’s Hard Lemonade by Amalgamated I will…well, I will still go for a beer, but I am less likely to make fun of a buddy if he were to choose a Mike’s:

This Tommy Boy-ish spot definitely made me chuckle and, though the video wasn’t entirely unexpected, the end line really pulls it all together…and I appreciate when that sort of things happens in ads.

The casting was also good – the guy’s faintly discernable lisp is a tour de force in modern slapstick comedy (yes, I am trying to become one of those people who get quoted on posters for bad movies saying that the movie is really good) – and I like the strategy of making Mike’s seem a little bit more manly.

Because, as we all know, women will buy something targeted at a man but men just don’t buy things targeted at women…especially fruity drinks in a bottle.


One response to “amalgamated shills for mike’s hard lemonade

  1. I have to admit, the ads are funny.

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