what not to eat during lunch with a client

I had an issue yesterday during a lunch with a client.

Lunch was served and, like a rookie, I went after what looked the tastiest (it’s not entirely my fault, I was starving!) instead of thinking about what would be the safest…as a result I grabbed some french fries and some ketchup instead of the safer decision to go for the chips and just a short time later both french fry and ketchup were on my pants.


I do whatever I can to finagle my way into lunch meetings (as long as they’re not too long) because I love deli food, especially if it’s free. I also hate to make my own lunch, so free lunch helps.

(Quick disclosure, I don’t like food that has been out for a while so I am not one of those vultures who descends on conference rooms and eats all the food after a meeting is over. I knew people who did that, who would scour different floors for food, and it’s just gross, especially once it gets later in the afternoon.)

Free lunch does not help when it is all over your pants though.

Going with the whole lunch thing, Dear Jane Sample, one of my favorite bloggers, has a handy guide to surviving the lunch meeting…just don’t show it to Miss Manners.


One response to “what not to eat during lunch with a client

  1. We had a cook-out the other day at my work. I was enjoying my hamburger and what do I notice… i have smeared ketchup all over my shirt. I felt like that guy from the ‘tide to go’ commercial.

    Luckily, some IT dork sitting next to me did something so gross that it took all the attention away from my ketchup smeared shirt.
    — The IT guy was eating doritos and he had the classic ‘cheesy fingers.’ A new guy sat down at the table and was meeting all us, shaking hands and whatnot. Well, New Guy goes to shake hands with Cheesy McFingers and instead of saying “sorry mate, my fingers are covered in fucking doritio cheese” he sucked off all his fingers (one by one) and then offered his hand. The new guy looked in amazement but still shook his hand.
    I almost threw up.

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