snapple axes the snapple lady

It’s official, the Snapple lady is officially the ex-Snapple lady. Which could get really awkward if someone like Coke signs her up to talk about how much better Vitamin Water tastes…

I really like the Snapple lady and the commercials featuring her:

Snapple seems convinced that walking away from who they are is going to stem the slide they have experienced through a mix of mismanagement, competition and walking away from who they are.

Snapple was a great brand, a brand that people loved. They loved the brand because of the virtues embodied by Wendy. The brand was approachable, authentic and humorous. Now it’s just a weird mish-mash of crap.

But hey, at least it’s a weird mish-mash of crap that will look good on a Brand Manager’s resume as they shuttle through brands, sticking around long enough only to change things and then move on.

Yes, I am cynical about Brand Managers.

Wendy Kauffman, the Snapple lady, said that she was offered a derisory contract, “I just couldn’t accept the contract because it was so one-sided and worth nothing.” The contract would have paid her for appearances without a promise that any would materialize, she said…and knowing Snapple, no promise that any would materialize means that none would materialize.

Why walk away from a heritage that people like? I just don’t get it.


3 responses to “snapple axes the snapple lady

  1. Meh, who cares?

    Not like anyone really wanted to see more Snapple-lady commercials.

  2. I want to see more Snapple Lady commercials only with her shilling for Vitamin Water. That would be funny. And probably would be effective (like when Howard Stern turned on Snapple).

  3. I’m guessing she was the victim of discrimination and bias from Madison Avenue types. However, she’ll probably bounce back by landing a Dove Real Beauty gig.

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