nate smids sells ad space on his prosthetic leg

There are people out there who are willing to do just about anything…like that woman who tattooed her forehead with a website URL for $10,000. Painful, disgusting, and shameless are all appropriate reactions both to the woman’s actions and to the company that thought it would get a PR boost and some branding out of it.

Only sleazy companies would be interested in something like that.

Unless it is for a better cause than just cheap PR…and there may be just that case. As Adfreak notes, an Alberta, Canada man is offering to brand his prosthetic leg with the cash he generates from that going to pay for a better prosthetic leg.

It’s not a bad reason, I guess. Adfreak agrees, saying that it’s hard to pick on a guy with one leg and that it would be great to use sticker logos like NASCAR while he participates in fun runs and the like.

I still can’t really get behind it though…it just seems so crass to brand yourself, even if a prosthetic leg isn’t technically yourself.


5 responses to “nate smids sells ad space on his prosthetic leg

  1. And I thought the guy on the subway I saw yesterday with the barcode tattooed on his neck was appalling. Ugh. Don’t these people realize they’ll need their skin when they’re 50? “Hit me with Botox just below the .com.” No less misguided for the guy with the prosthetic leg…which IS technically oneself, according to the Olympic Commmittee.

  2. So did you copy on this post or did they copy you? It’s one thing to post about the same topic. It’s another for one of you to blatantly rip the other one off with the dueling NASCAR comments.

  3. @ Matt – If you will notice, I said “Adfreak agrees, saying…[NASCAR comment]” which meant that I was paraphrasing what Adfreak said, not ripping it off.

  4. At least the woman put the tatoo on her forehead and not her cheek, now when she regrets it, she can cut her bangs. Thats awful!

  5. Misguided, get real buddy!! One day you may find your self in a predicament were you loose your leg. Unless your blessed with mommies and daddies trust fund to support yourself, you too will be looking to get some cash for the over-inflated prices of adaptive equipment.

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