random facts about the writer

Unlike Alan Wolk/Tangerine Toad, I don’t plan on revealing my identity in the near future…though I will release some facts about the man behind the curtain, if only to try to convince certain readers that I do not, anymore, live in Minneapolis.

Some random facts about the writer of the Daily (Ad) Biz:

1. I used to live in a very trendy warehouse apartment in downtown Minneapolis but now I live in New York

2. I am a writer by trade, but got a C in English in my freshman year of high school

3. I hate hotel rooms, even at nice hotels, because I am a bit of a germaphobe…though I don’t go as far as to bring a sleeping bag or anything like that. I just use a lot of Purell and stay away from the bed covers

4. Anchor Steam is my favorite beer and Amarone is my favorite type of wine and yes I drink too much of both

5. It is true that I started as an account guy…it is also true that I sucked at it

6. Even my parents don’t know that I write this blog

7. My crush on The Pretty AE is officially over which is altogether too bad not just from an interest at work perspective but also because it was fun to blog about

8. A junior AE has spent the day looking out my window at the rain as if he hadn’t seen rain before…it is as weird as it sounds and I feel a little bit uncomfortable that he keeps doing it

9. My favorite ad agency interior is Chiat/Day in Los Angeles though I am convinced that I would never get anything done there, if only because I would pester Lee Clow into surfing with me every morning and then stand by the coffee bar yelling “coffee is for closers” all afternoon

10. All of my friends are getting married and my parents are starting to suggest that I find a nice girl to settle down with…me, I’m just glad that all the weddings coming up are open bar


One response to “random facts about the writer

  1. I don’t think you’d have to pester Clow to go surfing. But you might need to get up earlier than desired.

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