project da vinci finally hires a ceo

WPP’s agency for Dell may still be unnamed, but at least they have a CEO. Torrence Boone, formerly president of Digitas, Boston has taken the reins according to Ad Age…I know what you’re saying and, yes, I understand that you may not trust Ad Age’s reporting after they jumped the gun on the Synarchy name, but Adweek reported it as well so you know that it’s true.

Boone said he was attracted by the chance to play a leading role in developing a new agency that’s “built-to-spec, with an ambition to redefine the client-agency relationship.” I say that he was attracted by the chance to make a hefty chunk of the $4.5 billion that Dell is expected to be spending on the agency relationship because, let’s be serious, there is no way that this agency is even close to redefining the client-agency relationship.

On a positive note, Mr Boone has a great advertising name and HighJive will likely be happy with this hire, and for good reason.

On a negative note, Mr Boone joins an agency that has managed to hire only half of its project complement of staffers, was weeks late in naming the CEO and still doesn’t have a name.

You win some and you lose some, I guess.


2 responses to “project da vinci finally hires a ceo

  1. It’s Torrence Boone with an “e.”

  2. You are right…I spelled his name like the city in southern California. Doh! Apologies and corrected.

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