dam plain ad does nothing for amstel

Dutch brewer Heineken is out of the gates with their campaign for Amstel light and, har har, it’s a damn simple idea to use the “dam” in Amsterdam to tie the brand to Holland’s brewing heritage…especially since, based on unscientific Brandtags results, people seem to think that Amstel and Heineken are made in Germany.

Considering the state of our public schools, it wouldn’t surprise me if most people knew that the beer was brewed in Amsterdam and just thought that Amsterdam was in Germany…though, as an aside, it would surprise me if a majority of high school students could successfully point out Germany on a world map.

I worry about the future.

I also worry about this advertising because, while nice and simple, it doesn’t really do anything to position the beer against incursions from Corona, which has built its brand around the no worries beach lifestyle…something that is positive and fun. Amsterdam is positive and fun, but it may take more to get there than just “dam good bier.” That line sorta looks like English anyway, and it isn’t much of a departure from the current work.

To sum up in broken Dutch, dit advertentie ist afgezaagd.


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