fallon is moving

Today is the last day for Fallon Minneapolis’ 50 South Sixth Street office. As of Monday morning they will be back in the AT&T Building, where they had been located from 1991 to 2001…it’s a nice building that kind of looks like an artichoke:

Fallon moved into five floors of the 50 South Sixth Street building during the good old days when it looked like they were going to hit 1,000 employees and $1 billion in revenue in Minneapolis. Things didn’t quite go to plan and slowly but surely the building started to empty out.

First it was one empty floor and then another, following the expected progression until they picked up and moved back to the old office.

But it’s not quite the same old office.

Instead of moving back to the AT&T Tower penthouse, where the agency had been, they are moving to some floors lower down. Sure, they have done a good job in making those floors look nice and respectably ad agency-like, but this is a real step down.


3 responses to “fallon is moving

  1. I’m starting to think the House of Biz isn’t located in NY, but Mpls.

    Possibly even 901 Marquette avenue (as of today).

    Anyone with me?

  2. @Umber Jamber – The House of Biz used to be at 50 South Sixth Street before it uprooted (well, before I uprooted and found a new House of Biz) and moved to New York. Since I still know a fair few people at Fallon and have some history there, it’s pretty easy to run with news from them…but no, I don’t work at Fallon anymore.

  3. Or so you say.


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