buzz aldrin headlines for o’keefe & co

Buzz Aldrin just hit rock bottom. That’s right, the second man to set foot on the moon is scraping away at the bottom of the barrel…he has just been announced as the headliner for the 11th anniversary party for Alexandria, VA agency O’Keefe & Company.

The only connection between Mr Aldrin and O’Keefe & Company is that Buzz Aldrin was on Apollo 11 and it’s the 11th anniversary of the agency.

Don’t feel bad for Buzz though, at least there’s free drinks.

Stephen O’Keefe, the agency’s founder, says that there is more link that just the number, “it’s all about going for it.” Both Mr Aldrin and O’Keefe & Co, according to O’Keefe & Co, represent this.

From an agency perspective, it will be kind of fun to get drunk with an astronaut…and certainly a lot more people will hear of O’Keefe & Co through this than otherwise…it just seems really hokey. Off brand.

Kinda like the 7UP aliens thing where the idea is just so weird as to be nothing more than a slightly-less-than-interesting novelty that has no lasting burnishing effect on the brand.


2 responses to “buzz aldrin headlines for o’keefe & co

  1. See, “Get drunk with an astronaut” is going right across the front of the invite. DONE.

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