beyonce’s pedophile-chic clothing line

Because children’s clothing hasn’t become suggestive enough, Beyonce Knowles is out with a new clothing line called Dereon that just is perfect for Mommy’s Little Hooker or anyone wanting to recreate the JonBenet Ramsey look:

These little girls, who look like they are no older than my second grader cousin, are seductively posed and tarted up in a pedophilia-chic style that is more Little Girl Gone Wild than Little Princess and is a sad indictment on a culture that would turn seven year olds into real-life Lolitas.

It’s not just in advertising, as one needs only to look at the grade-school girls’ stripper pole dance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians last season to see another example of titillating tots, but advertisers really ought to know better.

And ad agencies really ought to draw the line somewhere.


6 responses to “beyonce’s pedophile-chic clothing line

  1. nightlycandywithnanaadwoa

    Ohhhh Dear Lawd!!!

    I didn’t think is was possible to think that Beyonce Knowles was even a bigger idiot that we all knew her to be..
    But I was reassured that it is possible, after reading your post!

    She has got to be OUT of her mind? I don’t understand the greed of some people. Is it not enough that your father begged, borrowed, and probably sold his soul to the devil himself to convince a record label to take on the talentless “Destiny’s Child”, but then your talentless sister Showlonge or whatever her name is got shine too, even after she had a baby at 15 or however old she was.. AND then someone bribed someome to give you a role in “Dreamgirls”, but it was soo clear to everyone and the Academy who the real star of that film was! Then you’ve managed to get endorsements and commercials when you prove yourself to be inarticulate and uneducated. Did you even finish High School Beyonce?
    THEN, someohow your Mommy Dearest looking Mother convinces you to use your fame to drduge up her dreams never realized of being a fashion designer to create “House of Dereon”.
    Oh wait.. I’m sorry was that “design” when her mother would slap together those cheap, 1st year fashion school REJECT pieces that she forced Beyonce, and the host of other girls who once were “Destiny’s Child?” Let’s clarify that,
    those digusting frocks were not fashion!
    House of Deron is CRAP plain and simple. They only thing that makes sales for this company is Beyonce’s name. That’s it. The quality is horrible. The cuts are straight GHETTO… not even GHETTO FABULOUS at least Kimora Lee knows how to make GHETTO girls look glam in their own very special way.
    BUT NOW DERON is trying to subject innocent children to not only look horrendous, but look like little hoars?
    She should be put in jail for such an offense!
    No really throw her in there, and swallow the key!

  2. I’m Not being Funny But Any Young Child Who Wears These Clothes Isnt Going To Look Like A Whore ((yes FYI Thats How it’s Spelt))at All Because They Are Not Going To Be Wearing All The Makeup and im sorry But if Standing With ur Hands On Your Hips Makes u Seductive Then That News To My Ears .. And Probably Everyone Else… You Kinda People Piss Me Off .. You Have Nothing Good To Say about Anything!!
    Beyonce is a Fantastic Respectable Artist Who Has Done Ridiculous Amounts of charity Work, Shes Stayed Grounded, and May Work With Her Family But At Least Shes Close To them Unlike Most Celebrities Who are So Quick To Brush Others Away.
    Don’t Hate on Her Because Shes Doing Well For Herself, And Those “”first year fashion school peices”” Got Her Voted Most Sexy Woman Of The Year … So i Can See Why ur Cleeearly So Jealous of Her!!!…
    This is Purely Jus Advertising For Her SUCCESFULL Clothing Line..
    Seriously Get a Life..Stop Tryin To Put Down Others That Are Better Than You..
    o an P.S Solange Knowles is Also a Really Pretty Succesful Singer n Baby Or no Baby That Has Nothing To Do With Your Argument…So Who Was The REAL Star of Dream Girls?? Cz Surely if Everyone Else Agreed That She Wasnt it Then y Did she Get the Award u Dumb Twat!!!

    Respect to Her Father Who at 9 Years Old… Got Them Signed and They Have Now Become One Of The Most Amazing Girl Groups Ever .. And Theyre Amazing in Concert!.. i Bet ur Mum Ws Still Wiping ur Ass at 9 For God Sake Stop Being Such a Jelous Bitch n Leave The Succesfull Alone! ..

    Awww Well You’ve Clearly Proved Who The Uneducated and inarticulate One is Havnt u Love.. Well Done There Was Actualli Sum Point To Peice of Shit u Jus Entered as What u (aww blessyou) Thought Was a Valid Statement… HATER

  3. When They Were 9 Got Them Signed ***

  4. @ Rosie…x: Your fantastically well reasoned, intelligently argued and grammatically adventurous comment really speaks for itself.

    I mean, it’s so counter-intuitive that I feel like we’re lucky that together we’ve figured this Beyonce advertising thing out! How could it be that dressing little girls like sluts is wrong? Goddam, this is like trying to read The Sound and the Fury for the first time.

  5. I’ve used this ad on numerous occasions to talk about the trend marketer’s are moving in towards sxualizing childhood – particularly girls. Portraying girls as “sexy” is not limited to just maekup – notice the high heels that the girl who is Asian is wearing. They are so high there is no way that she or any girl who wore these could engage in active play like running, skipping, climbing – things kids like to do. So what does that say about the thought process behind this line of clothing for girls? Her posture is more passive than trampy and that’s reinforced by the shoes. This is also another common message for girls – it’s “cute” to be passive, like a little doll. None of the girls in this ad are physically “doing” anything except stand there like dolls. The little girl playing the piano has her legs crossed – I don’t know about you but when I play the piano I can’t have my legs crossed. So what is this teaching little girls about what it means to grow up and be a woman? What it means to be cute and acceptable? Successful?
    I also think it’s ridiculous that they would put the girl who is Asian in denim with dragon prints all over it – way to play into and perpetuate lame racial sterotypes.

  6. beyonce, i love you xx

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