these are my readers

I am always surprised, and occasionally shocked, to see the search terms that lead people to my blog. Blogs are absolute SEO monsters – a search for “NBA Playoff Scores” has advertising blog The Toad Stool at number sixteen for example – and my hope is that SEO is the reason that people ended up here with some of their searches.

Especially the search for “macaulay culkin naked.” I know that I am making it worse by having it in a post, but I just can’t tell you how amazed I am by the number of people who search for that exact phrase.

The reason the search brings people to my blog is because of the PETA campaign…hence all the searches for “eva mendes.” I imagine that they just want to see her with her clothes off, PETA be damned.

That is also true for all the searches for Official Fantasty Girlfriend of the Daily Ad Biz, Jenna Fischer. And because I love Jenna Fischer, I will reward said readers:

There were also multiple searches for “fat pigs” and “office desk sex” which may be connected (beer goggles and all that) with the search for “vodka martine.”

All in all, it adds up to the search for “sexy advertising + drunk” which sorta encapsulates this blog.


12 responses to “these are my readers

  1. the “macaulay culkin naked” searches are coming from michael jackson.

  2. @ HighJive: I can’t tell whether to be sort of happy that Michael Jackson might read this blog or just sick to my stomach at the thought of him remembering the good old days at Neverland…

  3. Actually it is George Parker. Have you seen that guy? He is like Bob Garfield rolled in dirt and stuck in a cave with smut, Boddington’s and a handy guide on how to talk like a sailor.

  4. This is the time when I can say that I went to college with Jenna Fischer at this little podunk of a liberal arts college in northeast Missouri. As a music major, we ran in a few of the same circles since she was a theatre major. Wicked cool gal.

  5. Patchchord, you are one of the luckier people alive in my book.

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  7. She is very beautiful and natural

  8. Did you hear Jenna got married to a writer? I think it was over the weekend. I adore her, too, and she always had a good myspace page, back when I was on there at least.

  9. send for me pictures

  10. ILove you jenna

  11. essa loirinha é gostosinha! jenna deve aguentar muita pica, essa putinha com cara de anjo!

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