twistori and a view from the bottom

One of my new favorite blogs – I have to replace the old ones, right – is View from the Bottom, written by a young copywriter who I am jealous of because she is prettier than I and, according to advertising tradition, that makes her a more viable source of information. Seeing how I just yanked that last bit of information from her site, it must be true. The site is definitely worth checking out.

Yesterday (it doesn’t look like yesterday because she uses the British dating system, which I always hated even when I lived there and is my one complaint about her blog, but I swear that it is a post from yesterday) she posted about Twistori and echoes my thoughts when she says “I am in love with these sites.”

The site takes simple phrases from Twitter that start with one of I Love, I Hate, I Think, I Believe, I Feel, and I Wish and combines them one after the other in a scroll across the page. You can look at tweets in each of the categories…things like “I LOVE the pretty ae” and “I HATE that she just isn’t into me” and “I THINK it is time to let that thing go” and things like that.

It’s a semi-voyeuristic way to eavesdrop on the basic emotions and feelings of people that you don’t know.

Picking up from View from the Bottom: but what does this mean?

it means i can reach out to people and find reassurance without their knowing it. without having to consider how they might feel about how i feel about their words. it’s a selfish act of self-therapy, to, at its basest, simply know i’m not alone. i can know that i share so many things with so many people i’ve never met, and moreover, never have to meet.

i don’t need to share my life story with them on Facebook chat…i can just watch the world unfold around me in this faux sense of digital peace. it’s pixelated zen.


One response to “twistori and a view from the bottom

  1. I adore that site, it’s been my homepage ever since I found it.

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