directv gets the best out of john michael higgins

DirecTV has a great new campaign where they spoof other cable companies. The spots feature John Michael Higgins of Best in Show fame as an executive that tries to convince other cable company executives about the way to save their companies.

The spots are not on YouTube (why do something like that and let people blog nice things about them?) but the whole campaign is available here.

My favorite spot is not the obvious “Bikini Installers” one, despite its rather obvious appeal, but instead it is the spot called “Charge More” which features John Michael Higgins announcing that in business school…where he read about business school, in a book…he realized that they couldn’t do anything to improve their service, but that they could improve their price.

By raising it.

As a reader notes, and I concur, a pretty funny spot becomes exponentially more hilarious after watching the scene in The Break Up where Higgins, playing Jennifer Aniston’s gay, a capella singing brother, makes it happen with the whole family.

That video also is not embeddable, but you can find it here.

And Gary, on the kick drum. Come come, on the kick drum…


2 responses to “directv gets the best out of john michael higgins

  1. here are a couple of the series:

  2. Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Move yourself! You always live your life…. Never thinking of the futurrrrrrrrre…

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