agency spy is dead, long live agency spy

Because of a combination of technical difficulties with WordPress and a client presentation that went far too long, I am late to the news that my favorite advertising gossip blogger is throwing in the towel as of June 1st. That’s right, Agency Spy is retiring.

As of lately, of course, there has been another writer at the Agency Spy blog…but, with all due respect, as a writer and commenter he pales in comparison to the original. Add in the fact that comments require registration at the Mediabistro site, the layout is tougher to read and advertising people seem to not like reading a blog with advertising on the site and perhaps George Parker is right about the blog being fucked.

I know that I am going to read less frequently without the superspy.

In related news (I have always wanted to type that seriously, just like I have always wanted to say “follow that cab” seriously, preferably in a foreign city while wearing a tuxedo and carrying a gun and a license to kill), another blog favorite is no more: Agency Tart.

It is tough to blog every day, especially with the demands of an advertising job pulling away so much time. I know that I struggle with the amount of time it takes, but am in the lucky position of being a writer where it is easier for me to take my laptop down to Starbucks and write…people expect me to do stuff like that and sort of assume it’s for work. And it usually is…ahem.

Best of luck to both former bloggers. Enjoy the real world. It’s much more fun.


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