colle + mcvoy’s virtual spray paint

Minneapolis agency Colle + McVoy, who seem to have a perfect combination of great work and really fun clients, has launched a new website for the hip-hop group Atmosphere that lets you tag other websites while listening to tracks from the group’s new album. No site is safe, not even mine:

There is a lot that is going on as far as marketing for the music industry is concerned, with Radiohead and their unique, for lack of a better work, online pricing top of the list.

Of course, that sort of strategy isn’t for everyone…but no matter the act, people want to interact and spend time with a musical group that they like. Or at least interact and spend time with content from that musical group online. They want to be “involved” and have a much higher tolerance for fun/pointless utilities and be asked to do things than they would at a brand site. Because brands are boring. Something like this would not work for a brand.

It does work, however, for a band. Or group. Or whatever. Good on Colle + McVoy for understanding that there are certain sites that people look for more stuff on, sites like those for their favorite musicians, and building something to suit.


2 responses to “colle + mcvoy’s virtual spray paint

  1. That’s surprisingly fun.

    Music wasn’t half bad either.

  2. Very cool.

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