cablevision over-promises in new ads

Not to get all Bob Garfield on you and start complaining about a cable and internet provider, but Cablevision’s Optimum Online service is terrible…just like its recent advertising, it greatly over-promises:

Steve Hall asks, if you know anyone that gets this excited about their cable/internet/phone service, please, please, please let me know. I simply have to meet one of these people in person. Sorry Steve, there is actually nobody like this in the whole entire world.

Cable/internet/phone service isn’t something that you get excited about, it’s something that you come to rely on and, unless, say, your internet isn’t connecting despite the fact that you are sitting immediately next to your brand new AirPort that you know works perfectly fine, you don’t feel any way about it. It is kind of like electricity. It’s just supposed to work.

The strategy and the creative in these ads takes the focus off of what should be a trust and reliability-focused message (if only Cablevision could back it up). Because trust and reliability are what people want…let’s face it, I can’t really tell the difference in terms of speed of connection between services. It’s just a marginal difference.

But if I could find a service that didn’t crap out every other day and have me screaming about it, I would stick with them forever.

Maybe Cablevision simply can’t back up a “our shit actually works” message and and has made a conscious decision to go with messaging focused on speed and excitement and crazy over-promising about how their services will change your life. It’s still a bad move. It’s bad because that sort of messaging isn’t selling people. It’s bad because spending money on marketing when they can’t get their products right is dumb…and it’s especially dumb because anyone can Google “cablevision sucks” and find out in 0.0029 seconds why.

No number of over-excited housewives on television is going to help with that little issue.


One response to “cablevision over-promises in new ads

  1. Amen to that. Stop on over to to read how others are feeling. (Hint: they’re PISSED.)

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