fake brands that aren’t really fake

With how much it costs to launch a brand these days, why not make the most of those fake brands that are created just for movies so asked Pete Hottelet, creator of the real-life version of Sex Panther cologne and Branwdo energy drink? It certainly lessens the amount of money that one has to spend to raise awareness, especially for products like Sex Panther that have already gained pop culture awareness from the movie.

AdPulp likes the idea, saying that there’s nothin’ stupid about capitalizing on a fake brand.

I say that the brand isn’t fake and the real nothin’ stupid is putting manufacturing and a product behind an already-built brand.

New York Times magazine has the full story, concentrated on the launch of Brawndo energy drink from the more “Idiocracy.”

Hottelet is working with Redux Beverages to develop and get to market the actual product, which apparently contains electrolytes and is “alarmingly bright green, as in the movie.” Yum.

Jamey Kirby, who runs Redux, says the brand is “all about overcommercialization.”

Apparently some people are into that. They are probably being ironic.

The video ads on the Brawndo site, commissioned by Hottelet, feature members of Picnicface, a Canadian comedy troop, shouting hilariously over-the-top pitches: “It’s like a monster truck you pour into your face!”

What a fantastic idea. Again, the marketing has pretty much already been done for these guys…sure, they probably want to do some work to make sure that consumers don’t see their product as purely a novelty (though it sort of is and it may be more profitable to just accept it and run in-and-outs…ask a Brand Manager to run some numbers for you on that), but why not run on the coattails of movies that have pop culture traction?

It cuts advertising and branding agencies out of the picture, which sucks, but otherwise the idea is brilliant.


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