viral marketing, a definition

Viral Marketing: A once revolutionary, now overused, technique based on consumers spreading information about a product among themselves, to which consumers are now so hip that the mere mention of it induces eye rolls, as it if weren’t enough that most companies using viral marketing campaigns now are flogging products no one wants to tell their friends about.

From The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit.


One response to “viral marketing, a definition

  1. viral marketing should be called “would-be viral marketing”. viral marketing just having an actual bonafide hit, isn’t it? and always has been. viral hits didn’t start with the internet.

    prematurely calling something “a viral” is a bit like saying “Geffen Records has released a new hit record by Rick Astley today”. though, y’know if he released something now it probably would be a viral hit. rick, you owe me for that idea!


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