spreading std’s on facebook

An astute (and hopefully not afflicted) reader tells me that April is STD Awareness Month and the American Social Health Association is using the MorphMonkey Facebook application to raise awareness of that fact.

As a rule, I am careful how I use Facebook and its applications. Going overboard could get a little weird and I do have an addictive personality, so…you know. At any rate, the Morph Monkey application lets you morph people’s pictures together on Facebook.

It also can infect you with Chlamydia:

This is definitely worth a chuckle and gets its message of easy infection and easier spreading of STDs in a wink and a smile sort of way. It may not change behavior, but it did made me cognizant of chlamydia for the first time since 8th grade health class and anyway it seems like awareness-building was the objective.

The key here though is that this message was tacked onto an application that people enjoy using, so there was a reason for them to engage with it, and was not overly intrusive. Just a simple message, albeit in a pop-up style form, and that was it.

Well done.


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